Holland House Books

We publish quality literary fiction and, through dedicated imprints, the best in genre fiction.  Holland House invests time, energy, finance and expertise in the work we present. First ensuring that each book is as good as it can be and then devoting ourselves to marketing and selling  the work.

We are looking for most types of historical fiction: 

Action, adventure, espionage, war and peace, parody or parallel

Our full guidelines can be found here: HHouse Caerus Press
As with Holland House and all the other imprints,  quality voice and unique style are what we are looking for in the speculative side of fiction: clockpunk, steampunk sci-fi, lost worlds, paranormal/supernatural; from classic haunted houses to the Invisible Man and parallel universes.

When it comes to seeking submissions for an imprint the simplest criterion to use for literary fiction is ‘that which is not clearly belonging to another genre’. It seems a very humble criterion for such a grandiose title, but it works reasonably well. Unfortunately it then leaves us with the problem of explaining what we want to publish beyond ‘stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else’.

 For a fuller idea of what we are looking for: http://www.hhousebooks.com/2012/09/01/literary-fiction-submissions/

Holland House